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Welcome to 

Newfound Recovery Residences



NEWS: click -  Cornerstone House at 23 Elm Northfield, NH. For mens sober living call (603) 527-8682 at Cornerstone for Men 

Contact : David Wiggins, Co-Director 108 Academy Street Laconia, NH 03246 603-527-8682

Co-Director Jim Joy 603-455-8670

CDC latest on the opioid epidemic

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We are committed to helping people continue their journey of recovery from the grips of alcohol and other drugs. We contribute to the process by increasing the availability of program facilities where people can build on their strengths. We tyupically acquire and imrpove quality homes and facilities then lease them at favorable rates to proven recovery operators. In addition we consult with treatment center and recovery home operators regarding operations, financing, and strategy.


Recovery typically begins with medical detoxification and residential 

clinical services. A major investment by Newfound Recovery was in 

Healing Hills Village Addiction Treatment and Recovery Center in 

Westminster Mass. Healing Hills has since been acquired by

Recovery Centers of America and named RCA at Westminster

Recovery continues  in the safety of structured recovery homes with the support of peers, volunteers and mentors. You are welcome for as long as you need provided you stay sober and are a responsible member of the community.   


  Becoming a resident is based on screening to ensure community safety and appropriateness based on stage of recovery and compatibility as a group. Everyone is expected to seek community support (local 12 step groups) and to work, attend school,  and / or volunteer and, of course, have some fun in recovery.


Recovery from alcohol and drug problems is a process of change through which an individual achieves abstinence and improved health, wellness, and quality of life. Recovery management shifts the focus from the problems to building a positive life in recovery.


Recovery residences play an important role in recovery management, partnering with the individual, treatment providers, other recovery services and the recovery community.  In 2011, the National Association of Recovery Residence set standards for different levels of recovery residences. These standards are what the people we serve deserve, and are well timed to changes in the field.


Peer Support Residences for Continued Recovery

from Alcohol & Drug Abuse

RICAODD Phoenix House       Cornerstone Mens Northfield NH

 Baxter Pawt., RI                 


"Each day is lived one at a time...

...the way we live each day

is how we live our life."

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Newfound Recovery was a founding investor in Healing Hills Village Addiction Treatment & Recovery Center, which was acquired by Recovery Centers of America in 2016 (now RCA Westminster.) The 90 bed center has s continuum from detox through clinical residential and aftercare.

Substance abuse is, now more than ever before, an equal-opportunity blight nationwide, ravaging families of all types. But experience and strength of those in long term recovery has proven that there is a solution for those who seek help. There is hope and recovery is a reality. 


"It's not that some people have willpower and some don't. It's that some people are ready to change and others are not."

-- James Gordon, M.D.

" I needed to get honest, open my mind, become willing to trust something greater than myself, clean my side of the street (change), let go of what I can not change in the people, places and things around me, focus on recovery and then pay it forward."

-- Anonymous person in long term recovery

 The Basics: 


Convenient to the house are multiple daily 12 step meetings, places to work or volunteer, counseling, lakes region attractions, personal services, adult & higher education and recreation.

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Holistics & Wellness

Reiki, Yoga and Exercise available on site.

Many people in recovery benefit from spiritual or  faith based connections, reiki, acupuncture, massage, healthy nutrition and exercise. These holistic and natural remedies for stress relief and  are convenient to the house.

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Loving, Healing Home

Our house offers recovery support, healing, comfort, and peer family style living as well as places for privacy and serenity. There is plenty of room to get together or spread out, and all the amenities you would expect in a home.

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